Craig Stanton

Professional Race Car Driver

At first glance, being a race car driver might not seem like it requires much athletic ability. But believe me it’s not as easy as it looks. I race just under 300 days a year. The race consists of one car, one team, and four drivers who race for 24 hours. We go 2Gs when braking and 3-4 Gs when turning – all in a super heated car, which inside is about 125 degrees.

To get ready for races I train like a triathlete. In fact, I train non-stop. I also run a training company and coach 40-80 athletes a year.

I’ve learned that when you push your body to its physical limits you need proper nutrition and supplements. When racing, I have to replenish calories every 30 minutes with all the heat in the car. I need the right supplements to help with my cardiovascular strength and to properly recover. That’s where ASEA comes in. I religiously take four ounces of ASEA in the morning and then four more ounces at night before bed. If my stress level is going to be higher, I’ll take two more ounces, especially after a hard workout or when I’m driving in a hot car. ASEA really helps with my focus, balance and recovery times.