Dexter Yeats

IRONMAN Triathlete

Dexter Yeats is in her 70s and has been active for most of her life. She grew up competing in horse races, eventually combining that with running in an event called Ride ‘n Tie: one horse and two people the people taking turns running and riding the horse over trails.

Dexter Yeats

Dexter’s love of triathlon developed after her horse retired. She first gave it a try in 1983, coming in dead last but third woman overall. She loved the thrill of competing (and sometimes winning) under her own power and continued to race for many years, including some Ironman competitions.

But in 2014, Dexter started to worry that her age was catching up to her. “I had gained weight and was feeling too tired to train at the level needed to finish an Ironman race,” she recalls. “That is when I discovered ASEA Redox Supplement.”

With faster recovery, Dexter was able to train more. “Soon I found myself able to swim, bike, and run much longer distances,” she says. “I was able to swim 3,000 to 4,000 yards a day, four days a week, run a couple of long runs, and do two tough hill workouts on my bike with a 100-mile bike ride every Friday. All of this along with two or three gym workouts.”

Above all, Dexter’s training was fun again.

When she raced the Boulder, Colorado, Ironman in 2015, Dexter won her 70 – 74 age group, qualifying her for the Ironman World Championship Kona, Hawaii, where she raced against the best in the world. “Standing on the podium after that race is a thrill I will never forget,” Dexter says. At the end of the year, she was ranked number two in the World Ironman in her age group.