Diana McManus

World Cup Gold Medalist, 3x National Champion Swimmer

After winning medals at the World Championships, Goodwill Games, and the World Cup, qualifying at the Olympic trials, and swimming at the collegiate level, I got into an accident that injured my back and ended my career as I knew it. I knew that I could get back into it and knew that with hard work I could fulfill my dreams. I was introduced to ASEA and I noticed it totally changed my training. I was able to do more sprints and recover faster and my times in the meets were significantly faster than I thought they were going to be. I did a meet last year, and this year I was 5 seconds faster than I was last year. The 100 meter back is a sprint, so 5 seconds is huge.

I notice that with ASEA I am able to swim faster. I broke 2 national records, and was very close to the world record My training consists of sprints and recovery, interval training, and I noticed that with ASEA I’m able to do more of that and swim faster and more consistently. With ASEA I know that I can swim faster and it’s nice to know that PhDs who conduct ASEA research agree with me.

With ASEA I have noticed my training and my times in my meets have improved significantly, and learning about the research behind ASEA I know that it boosts my confidence and reinforces what I already know.