Eddie Hall

UK's Strongest Man Competitor

Eddie Hall is an athlete in the UK‘s Strongest Man and World‘s Strongest Man competitions, where his body takes a beating as a professional strongman. Typical training sessions for Eddie include squatting nearly 400kg, dead lifting 400kg and shoulder and bench pressing over 200kg on a daily basis. Just one session usually takes 3+hrs of explosive weight training, including drop sets and super sets which take enormous amounts of endurance and mental focus.

After his first year on ASEA, he has noticed two major benefits: the enhancement of his endurance capabilities as he lifts longer and harder; and a sharpening of mental focus through which he concentrates clearly on his goals and sleeps peacefully as his body rests. As he states, “It’s easy to get run down, but this product has kept me alert and healthy, mentally as well as physically.

"I recognized what ASEA was doing for me from my own trial, but with the stamp of approval from the scientists and test studies, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind about what ASEA does for me. Without ASEA I feel I would return to sleepless nights and a lack of energy during my training sessions very quickly."

He feels that ASEA is the best breakthrough since powdered protein for his sport!