Shannon Coates

IRONMAN Triathlete

Shannon Coates is one of the most determined athletes on the ASEA roster. As an elite amateur Ironman triathlete, Shannon has set her sights on becoming the best. Her long list of athletic accomplishments includes podium placing in an Ironman each year from 2009 – present. She is a two-time Ironman World Championship qualifier and won her age group at the 2009 Ironman Florida.

Shannon has always taken a keen interest in health and wellness. She graduated from Florida State University with a B.S. in biology with a pre-med emphasis.

Shannon Coates

ASEA Redox Supplement has been a go-to product for Shannon as she prepares for the Ironman World Championships in Kona. She said, “I’ve been racing competitively for years. I know how my body reacts to certain workouts, so I’ll notice when I can recover faster after workouts that have beaten me up in the past. That is a huge win, especially since Ironman training requires heavy training periods and long workouts. I’ve been impressed, to say the least.”

Shannon keeps busy with races all over the country. She posts regular updates on her events on