Shawn Burke

Triathlete and Physical Therapist

When I was first introduced to ASEA I was getting ready to compete in my 18th Ironman and I was at the point where I thought my career was over. I wasn’t able to recover and my body was breaking down. I was introduced to ASEA and after 3 weeks I started sleeping better and my recovery was remarkable. When I can be able to train at this level at 51 years old, and compete with the 25 year olds, and blow them out of the water time after time, the science behind ASEA just totally blows me away.

I was on ASEA for approximately 7 weeks before I was able to do my 18th Ironman and I was able to take an hour off my time from that race. Usually after doing an Ironman race I have to go into a medical tent and get a massages, IVs, and I’m off my feet. I didn’t have to do any massages, no IVs, and I was able to watch the race on my feet for the next 6 hours. In the eighteen Ironmans I’ve done, I’ve never done that before.

With ASEA, I was able to race 9 more races, have 9 personal bests, and qualify for 2 Nationals at 51 years old.